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Children who have remembered their past lives…


Reincarnation has been around since the very dawn of time. More humans on this planet believe in reincarnation than don’t. In fact, for them, it’s not a matter of belief but a matter of fact. Two of the worlds major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, hold reincarnation to be a basic truth. For many, it’s the only way that can sensibly explain their current human condition.

Science has come quite late to the belief though many scientists, such as Carl Sagan and Nikola Tesla, accepted the concept as reality and truth. Here are a few extraordinary stories of children who have remembered previous lives. For humans, when we are young, our psychic abilities are powerful but we lose them by the age of six or so because we live in a society and culture that berates and dismisses such realities.

The following stories come from a psychiatrist named Jim Tucker, of the University of Virginia, who has studied reincarnation extensively and published his findings in a 2008 book. Tucker states that children are highly emotional about their recalling their previous lives and many beg their current parents to take them to a previous family.

  • One child Tucker talk with, Sam Taylor, began to recall a previous life at the age of only a year and a half. One day, while his father was changing his diaper, the baby began talking to his father about his paternal grandfather. Sam told his father that, “When I was your age, I was changing your diapers!” He started telling tales about his grandfather that his parents realized he, at a year and a half, could never have known. He recalled that his grandmother had made his grandfather milk shakes with a food processor at the end of his life and that his sister had been murdered. Sam was born 18 months after the death of his grandfather.
  • A young Thai boy, Chanai, began to tell his grandmother, at the age of three, that he was a teacher named Bua Kai who had been murdered on his way to work while riding his bicycle. He begged his grandmother to take him to the village where Bua Kai had lived. After many weeks of this, the grandmother took him to the village that the three year old told her to go to. He got off the bus and went straight to a house he knew. It was the house of Bua Kai’s parents and the little boy recognized them. Bua Kai had been shot in the back of the head five years before with the bullets entering the back of his head and exiting out the front. Chanai was born with two strange birthmarks on the back of his head and a strangely splatter shapeded one on his forehead.


  • A young girl, 4, named Kendra Carter, began swimming lessons and developed an extreme attachment to her female coach. She loved being around the coach and was quiet and withdrawn when she wasn’t. She kept talking about her coach having had a baby that died and that she had been in pain when the baby came out of her. Kendra’s mother asked her how she knew this and the four year old said, “Because I was the baby that came out of her tummy.” Turns out that her coach had had an abortion a few years before Kendra was born.
  • Then there was little James Leininger of Louisiana who kept being awakened at night when he was four years old with nightmares. He kept saying that his plane was on fire and going down. He said he was going down over some place called Iwo Jima. When he looked at books about World War Two, or watched documentaries, he not only recognized everything but actually corrected facts that were not right. He also said his name used to be James also and that he had flown off a ship named “Natoma”. When his parents did some research, they discovered a fighter pilot name James Huston had flown off the carrier USS Natamo Bay and had been shot down and killed during the battle of Iwo Jima.