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Stick Technology is changing the Way of Television

Long gone are the days where you would turn on the television and only have twelve or thirteen channels to choose from in your viewing. First with the advent of cable and satellite television you started to have access to hundreds of different channels and then everything went digital and HD to give you hundreds of channels with even better quality. Now the face of television is changing again thanks to the carious streaming capabilities that are taking over recently. Not only are more people streaming different television services directly to their computers, but they are also making use of the various types of stick technology found today to make their televisions into a direct streaming source.

What the Stick Technology Can do

Stick technology allows you to access many of the streaming the services you currently may use on your computer or smartphone through your television. There are several companies that offer different types of devices, with Roku, Amazon and Google among several of the companies that have different devices. These sticks plug directly into your HDMI port on your television and then access your Internet connection via Wi-Fi so that they allow you to stream directly to your TV. You are then able to watch movies and television shows from many of your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other websites. You can use the stick on your television so that you can now watch these shows on your big screen with the quality of your television display instead of being tethered to your desktop or laptop or the small screen of your smartphone.

Other Streaming Services besides Movies and TV

Beyond having access to the many movies and television shows that you are able to stream from various sites with the use of the stick, the stick technology also allows you streaming access to a number of other sites. You can access music sites such as Pandora so that you can listen to music through your television. You can also gain access to all kinds of different games that you may want to play on your television through game applications and game sites. There are applications that also offer things such as instructional videos so you can learn new cooking skills, try out exercise workouts and even educational materials and videos for children. There are many different options available to you.

Keep in mind that just as it is with a computer, laptop or smartphone there are some services and applications that come free with the stick technology while others may require the purchase or a subscription service so you may have to pay for certain things you want to watch or do. The devices all set up easily and allow for quick use and the devices range in price but are quite affordable, with most averaging between thirty and fifty dollars. The stick technology has the potential to vastly change the landscape of television viewing as more people turn to it to bring streaming services right to their televisions for viewing.