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New Alienware Computers for Better Gaming

Playing games on your computer has greatly evolved from the simple days of playing solitaire or even Tetris on your desktop. It does not seem like it was that long ago when gaming was quite simple on computers and technology has rapidly developed to the point where now there are computers created specifically with online gaming in mind. For those who choose to have the gaming experience on a desktop or laptop rather than on any of the gaming systems available today, there are new Alienware computers available from Dell that strive to take your gaming capabilities up a notch to allow for better play overall.

What the New Alienware Computers Provide

Alienware has long been considered to be the weapon of choice among online gamers when it comes to computers. Alienware is a part of the Dell Corporation and is probably the most respected of all the lines of gaming computers available, providing everything a true gamer could want in a machine. The new line of Alienware, the Alienware 17 and the Alienware 15, both provide great options for the gamer. The Alienware 17 offers a 17.3 inch HD display screen to allow for one of the largest screens on a gaming laptop seen today. It also makes use of the Intel Core i7 CPU to allow for the best processing and a fast performance and with a graphics amplifier also available, you can really boost the machine to get the most out of it.

Alienware 15 has Some New Options

The Alienware 15 also has some great options for the gamer. With a smaller screen size at 15.6 inches, the Alienware 15 features an FHD display but there is an option for a larger UHD display. The machine comes standard with an i5 core but can be boosted to the i7 if you wish so you can get the maximum performance processor. There are also several different graphics cards that you can choose from as add-ons and the graphic amplifier is also available so you get the most out of the graphics on your machine.  These gaming laptops have also altered where they put the fans and are using stronger hardware for that to prevent the potential of overheating and making it uncomfortable for you to sit with your laptop in your lap for a long session of gaming. They have also worked to improve the overall battery life, allowing for longer play without being plugged in.

The Alienware computers offer many great options for the gamers, but you can also expect to pay a higher price if you want a machine with all of the best options. Starting price for the Alienware 15 is $1,199 and for the Alienware 17 is $1,499, and that is without all of the options for a better graphics card or a graphics amplifier, all of which can push the laptop into the $2,000 range and beyond. However, if you are an avid gamer that wants the top experience while playing, this may be well worth the investment for you.