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New device hopes to assist with lucid dreaming


A company in the Netherlands has created a device that they hope will assist with the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Basically, though hardly simplistic, lucid dreaming is where someone is actually aware of the fact that they are, indeed, dreaming. The person knows that they are in this alternate reality and can better stay aware of the messages it brings and, for the expert practitioners, better manipulate this reality.

The company doesn’t seem to have such grand aspirations as furthering the practice of lucid dreaming but it has created a device that will detect when a person enters REM sleep. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, sleep is when a person actually enters the alternative reality of dreams. The device will send out an electrical pulse that will alert someone to the fact that they have entered REM sleep and are dreaming.


The company seems to think that people can participate in lucid dreaming without any basic knowledge or training. The metaphysical world is quite different from the scientific one and is is not recommended that people enjoy lucid dreaming without some background knowledge and training. To suddenly be aware of the present moment is not something people are generally prepared for and it can be rather startling if some one is not used to being in the present moment and having total awareness be it in this three dimensional reality or in the reality of the dream world.

Scientists have determined that a phenomenon known as “gamma activity” can be associated with lucid dreaming. However, they don’t seem aware of the fact that lucid dreaming is only lucid dreaming if the person is in the present and is aware that they are dreaming. The scientists seem to think lucid dreaming just happens.

The device enhances and reinforces the gamma activity so that dreamers may be made aware that they are dreaming if they wish to partake in lucid dreaming. It will be sort of an alarm clock that may rouse the sleeper into the present moment of awareness yet still be asleep. The company is in the middle of a fundraising campaign and hopes to launch the product within the next few months.

PHOTOS CREDIT: Neuromodulation Technologies, B.V.