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Multifunctional iPhone Cases Can do it All

When you have an iPhone or smartphone you already feel like you have a great tool at your fingertips everywhere that you go. You have the ability to do many things with just a swipe or the touch of a button and you take advantage of this whenever you can. In order to protect this investment you want to make sure you have a quality case to avoid the phone from getting scratched or damaged. While there are many cases on the market, new technology has been developed to create multifunctional iPhone cases that can do so much more than just provide a nice look and a layer of protection for your smartphone.

  • Case and a Wallet – This may be one of the more convenient applications for an iPhone case. Instead of having to carry around your wallet and your phone in a case, you can combine the both of them into one functional unit. The cases provide a nice protection and style for your smartphone while also giving you a place to put a couple of credit cards, your identification and some cash so that you have everything you need with you for a day or night out.
  • Hidden Drawer Case – A case like this can function as both a hardback case for iPhone protection and also as a storage area for yourself. The back of the case has an area that simply slides down, giving you space to store a couple of credit cards, your ID, cash or even a spare house key or car key so you do not need to carry your whole key ring with you if you do not need it. The back slides up so it just looks like a regular phone case so no one would be the wiser about what you have in there.
  • The Swiss Army Phone Case – For the person who wants the truly multifunctional iPhone case, there are a number of cases on the market today that have functional tools built into them much like you would find on a Swiss Army knife. Everything you could ever need, from wrenches, screwdrivers and knife blades to a wire stripper, flint fire starter, bottle opener and kickstand so your phone can stand up are all possible with this type of case. You can take your phone out with you for a hike or camping and have everything you need with you at all times.

There are also more functional cases available that can double as a stand and battery charger for you so that your phone can get charged wherever you go (there are even some with a solar charge option) so that you are able to find any type of case you may be looking for. As technology evolves your iPhone case can become just as important and functional to you as the phone is itself, giving you everything you need no matter where you go right in the palm of your own hand.