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Man sets world record for living in virtual reality


Derek Westerman of Los Angeles recently set the new Guinness Book of World Records record for the longest time spent playing a video game in virtual reality. He set the record by spending a total of 25 hours and 2 minutes in virtual reality doing a line drawing game.

He was all decked out in his virtual reality headset, and HTV Vive, and played the app Tilt Brush to set the record. Since Westerman had to be continuously engaged in virtual reality for the record to hold, he felt that doing the line drawings would keep him far more alert than playing a traditional type video game where he could easily zone out or fall asleep while at the controls.


Westerman said that, “I wanted to pick something that gave me the most freedom and painting in 3D space for 25 hours seemed like the best bet.”

Remaining in virtual reality, even for a few hours, can make a person extremely nauseated. Westerman went 17 hours before he had to find a bucket to throw up in due to being overwhelmed by the vertigo affect. Westerman mentioned that quite a few people have gone into virtual reality for considerable amounts of time but there has never been any official record of those ventures. Westerman wanted to perform the feat to establish an internationally recognized current record.


Westerman had to remain in constant motion as the Tilt Brush game requires that an entire room space be the virtual canvas for any painting or drawing to be done. After the first two hours, Westerman observed that, “Time was passing pretty slow. I was starting to get extremely bored sitting down and it was extremely scary being pretty bored after only a half hour. So, at first, it seemed really tedious being in there and I’m realizing that the way to pass the time is to make little art projects.”

After 19 hours he began to become disoriented and was taking to babbling somewhat incoherently but battled through to set a new world record for playing a game in virtual reality.

PHOTO CREDITS: Yahoo / YouTube / The Daily Mail