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High Quality Gadgets for Under $100

There are always new and exciting gadgets and technology coming onto the market, the problem always seems to be that there are out of reach for the average person to afford. Not everyone has hundreds or even thousands of dollars to drop on the latest gizmo or system that has come along, leaving some feeling like they are being left behind in the digital and technological advances taking place today. However, there are a number of great items and gadgets that you can find for sale today that can be had for under $100, making them affordable for a much larger range of people today.

  • Streaming Devices – Online streaming has become the way more and more people get their entertainment today, particularly when it comes to watching movies, television shows and videos. Instead of being tethered to your computer, tablet or smartphone, streaming devices allow you to do all of your viewing on the big screen of your television. Items such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick can be purchased for under forty dollars while the Roku device costs just under eighty dollars if you want a wider selection.
  • E-Readers – While it is true that you can do your electronic reading on any tablet or smartphone today, if both of those devices are too far out of your price range there are several great e-readers that you can purchase for well under $100. The Amazon Kindle is well-known for having a very long battery life to go along with thousands upon thousands of book selections you can purchase and download and the Nook from Barnes & Noble offers an e-reader as well for a great price and it serves strictly as a reading device so you will not have to deal with distractions of emails, text messages and social media when you want to settle in for some reading.
  • Bluetooth Speakers – For those that want to have access to great sounding music from their iPhone, iPod or other music player, you can get access to some great speakers and speaker systems that operate on Bluetooth technology, allowing you to bring the music to a party outside as it syncs to your phone or device. Many of these speakers are from top manufacturers such as JBL and can be purchased for under eighty dollars.
  • Fitness Bands – The latest craze in technology and fitness, there are a number of fitness bands available for under the $100 mark that provide you with all that you need. They can act as a step counter, track your sleeping habits and more link directly to applications that you have on your phone or computer. While the lower cost models may not have a screen on them to directly display information, you can save money and get the results.

You can still save some money and get some of the gadgets that you have longed for if you do some smart shopping and look for the best deals. It will take some research and homework on your part, scouting around to different retailers online and offline, but you will be able to find high quality gadgets that do everything you hope for at a reasonable price you can afford.