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Do Gadgets Really Make Life Easier?

Technology and gadgets today have infiltrated every aspect of life. From the time you get up in the morning thanks to the alarm on your smartphone to when you go to bed at night listening to your streaming music on a timer on your device, you are using some type of gadget nearly all day long for work, play and leisure. Many people have started to question whether all this technology is really as helpful as manufacturers and companies would like you to believe it is. The argument has become more pronounced today with so much technology everywhere, leading people to ask the question – do gadgets really make life easier?

The Argument Against All of These Gadgets

There are a lot of people who dislike just how automated and technology-driven life has become today. There are a number of arguments against all of this technology, with everything from the environmentally conscious who cry out over finding the safe and proper way to dispose of or recycle all of these devices and batteries used today to the conspiracy theorists that feel there  is too much intrusion in everyday life by the government and companies that can track and trace every move you make over the course of the day based on the gadgets, devices, technology and applications you use at each moment. All of these arguments do have some validity to them in some way and they have caused some people to try and get “off the grid” and use less technology all of the time.

The Argument for Technology and Gadgets

Of course there is also a tremendous upside to all of the gadgets that are in existence today. The natural design of having all of these devices is to make your life easier overall by allowing you to do things quickly and efficiently. The continuous advancements of the smartphone technology have allowed people to do much more with just one device today than they could have accomplished with five or six different devices as little as twenty years ago. All of the advances with gadgets and technology today have also allowed for greater advancements in many important fields that have helped make people healthier, such as the advancements made in the medical fields that have led to the development of gadgets designed to make people more aware of what they eat, the amount and effectiveness of the exercise they get each day, reminders to take medication properly and much more.

There are always going to be both sides to the argument of whether gadgets make life easier or not, but it has hard to dispute how much better off society seems to be with all of the innovations that have occurred in the recent years. As technology continues to make advancements in the devices that can be used, technology may become even more integrated in daily life than it already is today, making people rely more and more on what devices and the Internet can do to assist them.