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Medical Technology Advances with Wearable Devices for Pain Therapy

One of the largest and growing areas in the medical arena today has to do with the treatment of pain. Whether it is on a short-term basis to help with recovery after an accident or surgery or a long-term as the treatment of back pain or nerve pain or muscle pain from the treatment of a disease or illness, more people today find themselves in need of pain therapy. More doctors and patients are also on the lookout for alternatives to taking tradit6ional pain medications, which can have adverse side effects of their own. This has led to great changes in the industry thanks to medical technology and the growing prominence of wearable devices as a means of treating pain.

Medical Technology Continues to Improve

There has been technology used to help with all types of medical ailments for many years, with everything from orthotic equipment and braces to electrical stimulation used to help in getting nerves back to functioning properly, but a great deal of advancements have been made recently that can help with all kinds of pain therapy for patients. Technology has helped to develop strategies and techniques that make use of medical devices instead of medication to help bring pain relief to people who suffer from a variety of illnesses and injuries. These devices can work to help people all day and night as they can be worn on various areas of the body to provide direct stimulation of nerves or to block pain receptors in areas to offer relief from pain and allow for more comfortable, normal activity and sleep.

Pain Relief Through Nerve Stimulation

One of the companies that has come to the forefront with activity such as this is the company known as Quell. Quell has developed a device that is wearable by the patient to provide pain relief. The device is lightweight and small so that it can be easily worn and works to stimulate the nerves while blocking signals that the body would typically send to the brain. This device is seen as providing great relief to those who may experience chronic pain in different areas of the body due to problems such as diabetic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic back, knee or hip pain and other disorders. The device even has an application for your smartphone so it can record and track statistics so that the proper treatment levels can be adjusted and used.

While devices such as Quell are just hitting the marketplace in the next few months, there are other devices down the line that are looking towards providing even greater pain therapy and treatment for people so they will not have a need to take regular pain medications or seek out physical and pain therapy on a regular basis at a physician’s office. With devices like this and technology making regular strides, people will be able to treat their pain regularly in their own homes and with better success than ever before.