The Nest Thermostat – The New Wave In Home Heating Technology?

by Jing Zheng 0

For years you probably heard one of your parents yelling to leave the thermostat alone and set at the temperature that it was at as if the device needed to have a special nuclear key and code to make it work properly. It was not until you were an adult that you realized how easy a thermostat is to use but how inaccurate it can be, costing you a lot of money in your home heating bill (no wonder your father never wanted you to touch it!). Technology has improved upon the thermostats of old and recently the new wave of thermostats has hit the market with the Nest thermostat grabbing a lot of attention as the new gadget to improve temperature control.

How the Nest Thermostat is Different

For most people, the thermostat is something that you likely set right before winter sets in and you may not touch it again until the spring when you turn the heating system down or off altogether. The fact is that thermostats of the past are notoriously inaccurate, not giving you a true reading of the temperature in your home, causing the furnace to come when it may not be needed or to run for a higher temperature even when there may be no need for it do so. Most people do not turn down the thermostat when they leave for work and no one is home, causing you to spend money to heat a home when no one is there. The Nest thermostat seeks to change all of that by giving you wider programmable options with your thermostat.

The Nest Can “Learn” From You

The quality of the Nest thermostat that makes it stand out is that it is designed to learn your particular schedule and when you want temperatures turned up and down so that it can do all of this for you automatically. The thermostat works on this schedule to build a customized program for you so that the temperature is always what you want it to be during the times when you are home and the times you are not. Naturally, this does not just happen overnight and takes a few days of programming on your part so that it can learn your schedule but once that part is done the Nest can then take over and take care of the temperature controls for you all of the time.

The Nest thermostat truly is the next step in technology for temperature control. They even have an application for your smartphone so you can control the thermostat remotely so you can have the house warm if you are getting home earlier than planned. This type of thermostat can end up saving you a great deal of money in your home heating bills as the temperature will be set the way you really need it and not have the furnace running when unnecessary, providing you with extra money in your pocket. Checking out the Nest thermostat may be worth your time and you can certainly experience savings up to what the costs of the thermostat is for your home.