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The Microsoft HoloLens – The Promise of the Future?

If you have been watching science fiction movies and adventure movies for a long time you have already seen many of the gadgets and the different types of technology writers seem to think will be available in the future. So many of the gadgets are designed to make the way people search, explore and use the Internet that it seems only natural that companies would seek to make these things a reality sooner or later. Is Microsoft opting for the sooner to happen now with the introduction of their product called the HoloLens? Is the HoloLens the promise of the future in computing?

What Exactly the HoloLens is

The HoloLens may look like something straight out of science fiction books, movies and television shows like Star Trek where the ability to view the world through a lens and create a 3-D not-quite reality, but in reality the product may look this way but that is not what it seeks to do just yet. The images that you see when you are the wearer of the HoloLens glasses are only visible to you and not to anyone else that may be in the room, even though they seem to you that they are projected on the nearby wall or holograms are right in front of you to view and touch. The main idea of the product is to bring the world of computing closer to you. The device works by tracking your movements and watching your eyes. It allows you to use hand gestures to navigate around the 3-D images and holograms so that you can interact with them. For the product just recently introduced, the only interacting can be done with your finger, clicking on images and devices, but the plan is for the ability to be much more interactive with your movements.

What the HoloLens Hopes to be

The potential for the HoloLens seems to be quite impressive. There are a number of sensors that the device will use to allow for realistic viewing and interaction and the camera that comes equipped with the glasses allows you to chat with another person via programs such as Skype where they can then see images through your lenses, allowing them to get the same view as you. This could be immensely valuable for business practices to see images and devices you may be working on or even for simple chatting with a repair person so they can take a look at a broken device, clogged sink or anything else and help you determine the problem and guide you through a repair.

The HoloLens has a world of possibility in front of it and Microsoft is continuing to work on the product and develop it further so that it can be a complete interactive tool for all technology to help you with development, communication and more. It may not be as far as off as many people had initially thought when it comes to having “space-age” technology to bring all of the gadgets used for Internet access and more right into your vision.