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The Future of the Use of Robotics

More than likely you have long seen videos on the Internet and commercials on television that make use of the Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner that has been in use for several years to help you clean your home or office. While this idea has been a great innovation to help you with your home, you may have wondered just if things are ever going to progress much further than items such as this to help you in your home. While the idea of a robotic army may still be far off down the line (even with the regular use of drones that are seen today), there are a great deal of innovations that are taking place today in the use of robotics that can give you much to look forward to in your home and in the workplace.

Robot Use in the Workplace

Robotics is becoming more commonplace at work than ever before and can be seen in use in all types of businesses and industries and even just in your typical office. There are many businesses today that make use of robots to help them in every day office chores and functions beyond just cleaning the floors. The robots seen are now being constructed so that they are more at eye level with humans and are equipped with screens that display messages and can be interacted with via voice or keypad, allowing people to see answers displayed on a screen and receive a response. These robots can be used for everything from providing directions to a particular office on that floor for someone to delivering packages, mail, picking up items for stocking and much more.

Robot Use in the Home

Everyone does seem to dream of the day when they have a robot servants to help bring them coffee in the morning, get their shoes and the like and while this may not be a reality any time soon, there are steps being made to bring robot use more into the home to help people with everyday work and chores. Much like the robots used in office, these robots would be constructed to be more at eye level with people with display screens. They could be designed to do everything from picking up and delivering a tray of food to someone who is in bed or another area of the home to working somewhat like a person who knows your home well where the robot will map out every area of your home and know where everything is so it can help you locate your shoes or your car keys when you need assistance.

Advances are being made all of the time in the field of robotics so that this type of technology can be employed more and more in the workplace and eventually more into the home life of everyone. The robots in use have become taller to bring them more to eye level and have much better capabilities with navigation and movement thanks to advances in GPS technology, so it may not be too far off before you can have that robot by your side to help you prepare dinner, get the laundry started or many other household chores and needs you might have.