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Technology to Help You Get Fit – The Chest Worn Fitness Sticker

Science and technology are always on the lookout for new ways that can help monitor your health and help you keep fit and in the best shape possible. There have been all kinds of technological advances over the last twenty years or so to help you in this cause, right down to the latest devices available today where you can where fitness reminders on your wrist to help you keep track of your fitness level throughout the day. Now scientists have come up with a way to help with monitoring all of your vital signs on a regular basis through the use of a chest worn sticker that could potentially help save lives.


What is the Chest Worn Sticker?

A Company known as AmpStrip has come up with the idea of placing a sticker just a bit bigger than a typical Band-Aid bandage that you might wear on your chest to help in monitoring all your vital signs on a regular basis. The sticker operates as a thermometer, a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer so that it can properly measure your body temperature, your heart rate and your regular activity throughout the day. The strip is actually adhering to a pad that you wear and is not right on your skin but it has been designed well so that it can be worn for up to seven days and you can wear it while showering and even swimming without fear of it falling off. You can then remove the strip and charge it up just like you would charge your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth headset so it can be fully charged and worn again.


Applications of the This Sticker

The applications of this type of device can be very beneficial to you as the wearer and to your healthcare providers. Like many other fitness devices today, this will allow you to monitor your own fitness levels as you exercise and go through your day so that you can see how you are doing in your exercise goals. Your healthcare providers can also benefit greatly from the information received from the sticker as they will also be able to monitor your progress and help monitor your heart more closely for those that may be having cardiac issues. This device can be seen as a possible replacement for the heart monitors people often have to wear so that results can be monitored by a doctor. With this sticker, results can be sent electronically to smartphones and computers so that the information is there instantly to be read and cataloged.


While the AmpStrip is still in development and testing, with changes being made in production to make improvements along the way, this type of device is just another step into the future of your overall healthcare as a way to help doctors and medical personnel better monitor your particular situation and health status. Doctors can take an even more participatory role in your fitness levels and keep track of important vital signs to help detect any potential problems you may have.