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High (Tech) Fashion – Combining Technology and Clothing

Everywhere you look today, whether you are on the bus, on a train or walking down the street more people than ever before have their faces glued to a smartphone or tablet, paying more attention to what they see on it than the world that is passing them by. This shift in the way people live today has caused many types of businesses and business niches to try to incorporate more of technology into their particular lines, giving people more options when it comes to the use of everyday technology. The clothing business is no different and there are a number of clothing ventures that currently exist that are making use of the combining of clothing and technology.

Navigational Jackets to Guide the Way

One of the ideas that has come about recently involves the use of jackets that you might wear outside. These jackets are being designed with technology imbedded into the shoulders of the jackets to help you with navigation when you are walking on the streets. The technology works on Bluetooth technology in your smartphone along with a proper application so that you can input where it is you are trying to go. The jacket will then prompt you with nudges on your left or right shoulder, prompting you to turn left or right depending on where you need to go. This allows you to follow directions without having to have your face buried in your smartphone as you are walking along so you are able to see everything along the way. The technology is also not visible to people so that it is also fashionable for you.

Other Clothing Advancements with Technology

Technology has also been incorporated into several types of fitness wear today to allow for a shirt or sports bra to operate much in the same way that many of the fitness bands people buy today operate. The garment can track your heart rate, calories burned, breathing rate, oxygen rate and more and all of the information is transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. You will also find that many designers today are making use of 3-D printing technology to create designer outfits and are also using laser-cutting technology to help create high fashion clothing without having the high price tag.

As time goes on it is very likely that you will see more and more of the combination of fashion and technology as people begin to incorporate technology into every facet of their lives. While there are only limited items available at this moment that make use of technology in the clothing itself, the trend seems to indicate that the popularity and use will continue to grow, leading to more types of clothing that can make use of different applications on your smartphone or computer to help you with different aspects of your life. It may not be long before you can find technology in every piece of clothing that you are going to wear from head to toe on any given day.