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Has Google Glass Fizzled Out Already?

It does not seem like it was all that long ago the Google was touting the Google Glass project as one that was going to revolutionize the industry and the future of use of mobile devices for people. Many people would see the technology all over the news as Google began to speak highly of the product and how it was being tested, even releasing and Explorer version of Google Glass that people could purchase and use so the company could get feedback on the item. Then, all of a sudden, no one was talking about Google Glass anymore and just recently the item was pulled from the market to be re-tooled a released again later in 2015 with a new design. Is it possible that Google Glass has fizzled out already?

How Google Glass Has Failed so Far

There have been a number of issues that Google has been confronted with regarding Google Glass. With all of the initial hype that surrounded the product, apparently it has not lived up to its expectations, causing just a limited number of people to buy and continue using the device. While Google may have initially indicated that this device would appeal to real people who wanted a gadget that could change their life experience, a big problem was the initial price tag of Google Glass. Priced at $1,500, the technology has been priced way too high for the average person to take any serious interest in it, limiting the potential customer base severely right off the bat. There was also the very short battery life of Glass (only about 45 minutes) that made it somewhat impractical for the average user at this time. Finally, there are those that just did not like the design of the glasses and found it awkward and uncomfortable to wear.

Is There a Next Step?

On top of the issues that Google Glass has come across is the advent of technology by other companies such as Apple that are making use of a watch that can perform many of the same functions as Google Glass and looks fashionable and stylish, something critics of Google Glass say really hurt the product. All of this has led to the ceasing of the current project so the idea can be re-designed in some way. A new team has been brought in to work on the project, including the creator of the nest thermostat system, in the hopes of making the project function better and look better for users.

While the initial phase of Google Glass may have fizzled away, it was a project that was perhaps forced into the public eye before it was really ready to be established. There were many kinks and bugs that still needed to be ironed out before it was unveiled, hurting the progress of the technology before it could even get off the ground. Google insists that the idea of Glass is not dead and it will reemerge again sometime in the future, but you can be sure that they will make sure that it is really ready to go and marketed properly before it comes back.