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Great Wearable Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Finding just the right gift for that person really into technology in your life can be a difficult thing, particularly if you do not have a lot of insight into just what the latest and greatest items in the marketplace are today. Luckily, there are all kinds of options that can be available to you with just a little research and it seems that something new and exciting is coming out almost every day. Here are just some of the great wearable tech gifts you can get for somebody this year that can help bring a smile to their face and satisfy their technology craving.

  • Smartwatches – The smartwatch is something that has become quite the item this year, particularly with Apple announcing that they will be taking a leap into the market as well, but there are already some great options out there for a smartwatch so you can bring Internet access and more right to your wrist. Sure you can still get the time you need to know just by looking down, but you can also get much more. With many applications now available for the different brands on the market. Look for watches made by Pebble (which has both a high end and low end model). LG and other companies to give you great options in smartwatches. Most can be had for fewer than two hundred dollars.
  • Fitness bands – This is another item that is all the rage this year. More and more people are wearing these bands to help them track their fitness levels throughout the day and make improvements to lead healthier lives. Not only can these bands help keep track of the number of steps you take in an average day so you can see when you need to get up and move around more, but most can help you monitor your heart rate, pulse, keep track of your sleep habits and even sync with your computer so you can chart progress and make adjustments along the way. There are brands galore on the market for fitness bands today, with everyone from Apple and Jawbone jumping on the bandwagon for these items, so you have a wide range of choices and price levels to choose from for a gift.
  • Smart glasses – While many still see these fields as developing as they await the final product of Google’s glasses to really impress everywhere, there are already some smart glasses that are available for you to get on the market right now. You can get glasses that will pair directly to your smartphone and make use of Bluetooth technology to put everything right in front of you, literally. You can the screen right in front of you and can launch without having to look down at your device. You can look for various developers of this product to get something that is truly unique, but be prepared to make a big investment as these glasses are quite pricey.

There are all kinds of great tech gadgets and gifts that are wearable on the market this holiday season so that you can get something that is really special and expensive or something that is fun and affordable so that it suits your budget. Take a close look at what is for sale today and you can surely find something that is different and exciting for the techie in your life.