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Are You a Gadget Junkie?

It is no secret how important of a role technology plays in nearly everyone’s life today. All you need to do is look around wherever you happen to be – in the office, on the train, the bus, the gym, a restaurant, the mall or even at your own dinner table – and you are likely to see people with their faces buried in some type of gadget. This has become a somewhat accepted way of life today, but there are those that push their love of gadgets to the limit, feeling the need to get all of the latest and greatest items that hit the market no matter what the use or the cost. If you find that you may be one of these people you may have to question – are you a gadget junkie?

Do You Fall Prey to the Gadget Salesman?

The signs that you may be a gadget junkie can be pretty clear, but none may say it more than you falling prey to the wily technology salesman that may be working the floor at your nearest electronics and gadgets store. They seem to be able to spot a junkie from a mile away and can always find you so that they can show you the latest and greatest item they have in stock that is must for your computer, smartphone, entertainment unit, office or anywhere else that you may have loaded up with all of your gadgets. Before you know it, the salesman has you convinced that you have no idea how you have been able to live this long without this item, even if you do not know what it really does or how it can help you. If you see yourself in this scenario, here is what you can do to get out of it.

Step Away from the Electronics Showroom

The best step you can make for yourself, in all seriousness, is that no matter how much you have a love of gadgets and how interesting an item may seem to you, you need to ask yourself some serious questions in order to cut back on the gadgets you end up buying. Ask yourself if you really have a practical use for this gadget or is it just going to sit in a room, attic, basement, garage or drawer until you finally decide to throw it away, give it away or sell it at an online auction. If you cannot see yourself using it regularly beyond the two days after you initially buy it then it is likely not a good investment for you.

There is nothing wrong with being a gadget junkie as long as you understand what your limitations (and you budget) actually are for things like this. It can be great to own all kinds of nifty new toys, technology and gadgets that can do different things, but you also do not want your love of these items to consume every minute of your life. Take a break from your screen once in a while and go out and look at the world beyond the lenses of your Google Glass, iPhone screen or digital camera.